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There is one Gucci Bags Ladies Replica handbag that’s made with love from the inside and outside. It’s chic but also playful. We’re talking about the GucciTotem Bag, which is a new style from the Cruise 2018 collection. This bag looks classic, but also shiny and easy-to-flaunt.

The Design



The GucciTotem Bag can be separated into three parts; first it’s made with strong and durable leather in single color. Then is embellished with green and red web to symbolize that’s an art-of-work from Gucci. As for the final refinement, the house implemented a crystal piece on the front in the shape of a heart or butterfly (or other shapes). So this bag is chic but also playful.

No eye can run away from the shiny crystals, because it’s done in large size. The Gucci Bags 5th Avenue Replica Totem Bag Collection comes with a shoulder bag or a tote bag version. Both bags come with a detachable strap for shoulder carry. The shoulder strap is uniquely crafted with jacquard stripe nylon. It’s a beautiful piece and this time there is no Gucci logo crafted on the front, but instead you can find it printed on the back.

The Interior






The Sizes And Prices

GucciTotem Small Shoulder Bag
Size: 8’ x 6’ x 2’ (W x H x D) inches
Prices: $1980 USD, 1690 euro, 1530 GBP

GucciTotem Medium Tote Bag
Size: 12’ x 9’ x 4.5’ (W x H x D) inches
Then, life happened.Now, I treat my luggage extremely well. I have built-in shelves in my closet for them. I keep all my dust bags. I wipe them down after a month. I have a pretty strict purse organization routine [you simply need “X” amount of lip glosses, etc.]. However, when I am placing Maxi in the car seat and she feels the need to allow her mom [and the entire parking lot] understand that a vehicle seat is torture, and I have got the supermarket from the crook of my arm smashing the bread and I am also trying to get her place in swiftly because the world is DANGEROUS, life happens. In that moment I do not even care if spray paint gets in my tote. I’m getting my baby in the vehicle quickly, safely and assessing her car seat straps greater than the integrity of my purse. And in those cases, a couple bags have gotten damaged. Does it bother me? Heavens no. Your items are going to find use and if my bag gets mommy combat wounds, so be it! But, designer handbags are rather the investment and it can be frustrating to observe that a certain leather scrape when the manufacturer claims it doesn’t. Everything.This tote was my Valentine’s Day present from Paul and so I have had it nearly a year. I feel comfortable reviewing it as I have carried it before infant, with infant, on date night and while traveling. It’s amazing and I don’t say that lightly. My kid has chewed with this bag while at the supermarket. We have spilt breast milk onto it. Formula on it. Cheerios on it. It’s hit my car 50+ times placing Maxi in the car. It’s been thrown in a suitcase while traveling. It looks brand new.
Prices: $3490 USD, €2690 euro, £2430 GBP

GucciTotem Large Tote Bag
Size: 16 x 12’ x 6.5’ (W x H x D) inches
Prices: $4200 USD, €3290 euro, £2970 GBP

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