Gucci Dionysus Wallet On Chain Bag Expensive Replica



For Gucci lovers out there, one might instantly recognize this bag. Yes, this is the Gucci’s Dionysus Wallet On Chain Bag which looks utterly classy and original. The name was derived from the ancient Greek god Dionysus, who is known to be the god of wine, agriculture, and fertility of nature.

The Dionysus bags are very popular, so popular that they already come in different versions. It was released not so long ago but because of its beauty, it became a demand that Gucci released several small and medium versions of this gem of a bag.

For those of you who haven’t realized it just yet, this is basically a mini shoulder bag, which is perfect for evening occasions and gatherings. Now let’s get down to business and let’s talk about its beauty as a chain bag.

Afterward, life happened.Now, I treat my bags extremely well. I have built-in shelves in my cupboard for them. I maintain all of my dust bags. I still wipe them down once a month. I have a pretty strict purse organization routine [you simply need “X” number of lip glosses, etc.]. However, when I’m putting Maxi at the car seat and she feels the need to let her mother [and the entire parking lot] know that a car seat is torture, and now I’ve got the supermarket in the crook of my arm beating the bread and I am also hoping to receive her put in swiftly because the entire world is DANGEROUS, life occurs. In that minute I do not even care if spray paint gets on my bag. I am getting my infant in the vehicle fast, safely and assessing her car seat straps more than the ethics of my handbag. And in those instances, a couple bags have gotten damaged. Does this bother me? Heavens no. Your items will get use and when my bag gets mommy battle wounds, so make it! But, designer purses are quite the investment and it may be frustrating to see a specific leather scrape once the manufacturer claims it does not. Everything.This bag was my Valentine’s Day gift from Paul and so I have had it nearly a year. I’m comfortable reviewing it since I’ve carried it before infant, with baby, on date night and while traveling. It is amazing and I really don’t say that lightly. My child has chewed with this bag while still at the supermarket. We’ve spilt breast milk onto it. Cheerios onto it. Wine on it. It has hit my car 50+ times putting Maxi in the vehicle. It has been thrown into a bag while traveling. It still looks brand new.

We are loving the Gucci Bag 3595c 6969 Replica printed pattern on this bag and the buckled design in front completed its look. The front flap with snap button closure makes it easy to access. It also has 3 internal compartments, one internal zip pocket, 2 internal bill compartments and 16 internal card slots for effortless keeping.

It measures 13 x 20 x 6 (H x W x D) cm and is priced €1100 euro via Luisa Via Roma.




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