Film heads Biotherm Homme campaign via David Beckham

david beckham

A David Beckham film is spearheading a campaign to promote Biotherm Homme’s Force Supreme skincare range.

Celebrating the sportsman’s life story, a video documentary Force Supreme: The Story of My Life was put together by Swedish director Johan Renck, known for his music videos and commercials.

In his 40s, Beckham is still a fashion and grooming icon, and in the skincare movie he tells how his life is still evolving.

He says he uses Force Supreme serum to improve his skin, and says the range’s new Life Essence “is really a booster in the morning”.

French luxury skincare brand Biotherm launched Biotherm Homme in 1985 and offers more than 80 products for different skin types and concerns. Biotherm Homme is a brand in the L’Oreal Luxe portfolio.

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